Paleo Burn Diet

The Paleo Burn diet is a healthy weight reducing diet because it is about getting back to eating the foods that humans were designed to eat. If you think about the sort of foods our ancestors would have eaten and would have had access to, you’ll realize how limited their diets may have been. Cavemen did not have twenty four hour shopping available; or the many choices of foods we do today. They certainly did not have weight problems, as sugary, fatty food was not available to them. Did caveman have heart disease or diabetes or a fatty liver? Most unlikely. Whilst cavemen no doubt would have eaten meat, the meat they would have consumed would not have contained as much saturated fat. They also did not use fat like we do: to add extra fat to their foods, so it is unlikely that they ate a cholesterol rich diet.

The evidence that the caveman diet presents, suggests that following the sort of diet that a caveman would have eaten is very healthy, and great for weight loss and for healthy bodies.

The diet mimics the caveman way of eating, and is based on the very famous Paleo diet. The diet is rich in natural fruits and vegetables and lean unprocessed meat. However, in the paleo burn diet you are not required to forage for your food or kill for your meat! It is really easy to follow this diet as all you have to do is to follow the main principles that have been slightly tweaked to include the new foods that were not available then.

The benefits of eating a protein enriched diet with low carbohydrates.

Paleo burn advocates eating a protein-based diet because protein in the diet is known to keep you feeling full for longer and slows down your appetite and the feeling of wanting more food. Protein is also very effective at speeding up the metabolic rate which helps with weight loss. The benefit of eating protein in a diet is that you are less hungry, as opposed to eating a low calorie high carb diet where the hunger pangs kick in quite often.

The diet ensures that there is no risk of becoming calcium deficient. While certain foods like hard cheeses are associated with taking in calcium in diets, calcium is obtained from other sources. In fact the Paleo Burn program actually promotes bone health.

The diet is composed of certain types of fresh fruits and vegetables that make up the main carbohydrate content of the diet. These foods are the low glycaemic content that is more easily digested and do not cause spikes to occur in blood sugar levels.

The unlimited fruits and vegetables on the diet are in the low glycaemic category meaning that they cause a slow release of blood sugars. Since having a stable blood sugar is what we should have, this is an important factor. Sharp rises in blood sugar are linked to metabolic syndrome and the risk of type 2 diabetes, among other undesirable diseases.

The diet recommends eating a large amount of high fibre foods in the form of non-starchy vegetables. Whilst this is proven, it is surprising to find that vegetables do contain more fibre than whole grains such as breads.

The food groups that are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fats replace any saturated and trans fats that you might have previously eaten. Saturated and trans fats are harmful, and are responsible for raising your cholesterol levels. Fatty deposits that enter the main blood vessels are caused by the build-up of saturated fats and causes heart attacks and strokes. Paleo Burn recognizes that these fats are harmful and are to be avoided.

The program concentrates on a lower sodium intake, as high salt content foods increase the burden on the kidneys, making them work harder to eliminate the waste.

Paleo Burn is composed of an excellent choice of healthy food groups. There are just a few food groups that should not be eaten at all and they are clearly listed. These food groups are considered to work against the main principles of the diet and are sometimes known to be responsible for difficulties in digestion, allergies and bloating.

Following the Paleo Burn Diet it is clear that you will be eating a healthy diet full of natural foods and not the processed ones that your body does not want or require. Once of the added benefits of following this diet is that it’s accompanied with a moderate exercise program that will definitely contribute to losing weight.

Paleo Burn Diet Conclusion

Paleo Burn DietThe Paleo Burn Diet is beneficial in aiding healthy weight loss. By following the advice found in the program, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t successfully lose the weight you desire. However, in order to see results, as with any dieting program, it requires your dedication; this is not a quick fix weight loss program. 

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