Mindful Eating

Being mindful of what you are eating will help you to lose weight. Firstly by eating mindfully you are fully conscious of the food and the sort of food that you are putting into your mouth. This means that you are fully conscious and aware of your food choices. When you eat mindfully you will reduce the chances of you overeating or binging mindlessly.

You can help yourself when wanting to eat by being aware of the food that you are eating. What kind of nutrients does that does that food contain? Will it help or hinder your weight loss if you know that you shouldn’t be eating this particular food but you want to anyway than you might want to go ahead and eat it. Accept that it wasn’t a good choice on that particular occasion but that was what you needed to eat anyway.

Mindful eating is when you are aware of your food; you are aware of your food and you choose to consciously choose nourishing and health giving foods. Think of your body and what it needs to function at its optimum level. If your body was your car you would take great care of it giving it petrol and keeping it clean on the inside and out. It is only possible to know your body on the outside only, as you are not normally able to see inside your body. If you could see than, you would perhaps be more mindful when choosing which foods to eat.

For example you might spend a lot of money on buying the quality products for your hair and skin. You wouldn’t dream of using inferior products on these areas would you? Yet you do not nourish the inside of the body in the same sort of way. If you thought about caring for the inside of your body then you would give it quality notorious foods rich in vitamins and minerals rather than a fast food diet composed of large amounts of fat, sugar, salt and e numbers and numerous artificial additives.

When you eat mindfully you are choosing to nourish and care for your body both on the outside and the inside. You listen to your body’s internal signals that tell you what to eat and how much of it you should be eating. When you eat mindlessly you do not receive these signals and you’re not aware when you are full and do not need to eat any more food.

It is important when practicing mindful eating that when you are eating food that you take a break as you are eating. When you do this you can check if you are still are really hungry and need to continue to eat or that you are beginning to feel slightly full which is when you might want to stop. Stopping eating when you are feeling full is when you have eaten too much. It takes a while for your stomach to register and let your brain know that it is full. That is why taking your time when eating is going to help with any weight loss that you re trying to achieve. Keep yourself in the present moment particular at times where there is a large choice of foods. When this happens such as at an all you can eat buffet it has been shown that people will eat much larger amounts and bigger portions of foods. At buffets it is even more important to remain in control and mindful of the food that you are eating.

Recognising what you believe is important in your life and if this is losing weight than taking some positive actions by eating mindfully can help. The food that you eat and the portion sizes of your foods are going to determine if you are going to be able to lose weight. Losing weight undoubtedly is more complex than we all imagine it to be. It is not just about eating less and exercising more. Weight loss involves the mind always. You are in control of your thought and emotions with practice you can change your unhealthy food eating habits to healthier ones. When you are experiencing food cravings stop for a moment and consider how you are feeling. Do you have feelings of hunger or are you just having a craving for a certain food such as chocolate. Allow yourself to experience this craving and realise that as you wait in a few minutes that you can control this craving and let it ride See the food craving like an ocean wave that comes along, you feel its presence as it crashes down but then just as quickly it disappears. It is good for you to feel what real hunger feels like occasionally as people in western cultures rarely do: for that is when you get to know more about your body both inside and out.

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