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The Paleo Burn diet is a healthy weight reducing diet because it is about getting back to eating the foods that humans were designed to eat. If you think about the sort of foods our ancestors would have eaten and would have had access to, you’ll realize how limited their diets may have been. Cavemen did not have twenty four hour shopping available; or the many choices of foods we do today. They certainly did not have weight problems, as sugary, fatty food was not available to them. Did caveman have heart disease or diabetes or a fatty liver? Most unlikely. Whilst cavemen no doubt would have eaten meat, the meat they would have consumed would not have contained as much saturated fat. They also did not use fat like we do: to add extra fat to their foods, so it is unlikely that they ate a cholesterol rich diet.

The evidence that the caveman diet presents, suggests that following the sort of diet that a caveman would have eaten is very healthy, and great for weight loss and for healthy bodies.

The diet mimics the caveman way of eating, and is based on the very famous Paleo diet. The diet is rich in natural fruits and vegetables and lean unprocessed meat. However, in the paleo burn diet you are not required to forage for your food or kill for your meat! It is really easy to follow this diet as all you have to do is to follow the main principles that have been slightly tweaked to include the new foods that were not available then. Continue reading

The Paleo Burn System

The Paleo burn program reduces your waist size

One fact of life that we would all agree on is that

Having a big tummy is

  • not attractive and not healthy

Following the Paleo Burn System will reduce your weight size as it eliminates the foods that are responsible for having the rounded paunch look of a big tummy. You might say that if you lose weight than your waist size would decrease anyway, which is true. However the Paleo Burn program is one of the healthiest weight reducing ways in which to lose weight and decrease your waist size. The success of the program is shown by the vast amount of Paleo Burn reviews online.

Get rid of your blubber fat by following the Paleo Burn Diet.

In some people this fat is mostly stored around the tummy increasing the waist size and increasing your chances of developing health problems. Abdominal fat is different to subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat or abdominal fat is thought to be a high risk factor for heart problems and diabetes. This blubbery fat stays just under the skin layers and lies obstinately around the tummy area giving you the typical recognized beer belly. This type of tummy fat is the one that needs to be targeted when you are going on a reducing diet.

You can do easy tests on yourself to find out if you have abdominal fat to lose. One way, is to check your BMI, body mass index is just another word for how much extra fat you are carrying and how healthy or unhealthy you are said to be. If you have a BMI of 30 or more than you are considered to be obese. Checking your BMI is very simple to do and there are lots of electronic calculators online that will automatically check this measurement for you. Continue reading

Paleo Burn Results

Will It Work For You?

Ask yourself the question why do you want to lose your weight; and the answer will most probably include words like, ‘I want to feel good about myself and be healthy’. One of the components of having good health is in the foods that you eat. The same applies if you want to lose weight. It is about the weight that you want to lose but it is also about eating the right foods as well. Ultimately when it comes to wanting to lose weight we should aim to lose weight, but let’s try to aim to lose it healthily.

The Paleo Burn diet plan is a really healthy diet program in which to lose your weight. The foods that you will be eating are going to improve your health, even if you have always been overweight and feel that nothing so far has worked for you. The Program should be beneficial for you, even though you might have said that you have a slow metabolism and this is why you haven’t been able to lose weight so far. The diet is based on eating the most natural foods. It is known that eating a diet rich in natural nutrients is healthy for the body in many ways. Its recommended intake of fruit and vegetables are an amazing way to lose weight without losing any of the vital micro nutrients that do keep our bodies in the best shape both inside and out.

One of the ways in which the diet works is by improving the body’s glycaemic control, which is responsible for keeping our blood sugars at a nice steady level. Too much fluctuation of blood sugars upsets our whole body and can lead to ill health. Think about how sluggish you end up feeling after a sugar filled eating session. That is because you have just flooded your blood stream with sugar which first gives you a burst of energy and you feel good. This sugar high though is quickly replaced with a sugar low and the opposite effects of feeling tired and bloated is normally the result.

That is why on this diet some foods that are high in sugar and fats need to be eliminated and not eaten as they are simply not healthy. Paleo Burn diet helps control a person’s glycaemia and help reduce the chances of becoming insulin resistant. This diet is all about eating and choosing the foods that give you good health and great energy, which is what we want to achieve. Continue reading

Mindful Eating

Being mindful of what you are eating will help you to lose weight. Firstly by eating mindfully you are fully conscious of the food and the sort of food that you are putting into your mouth. This means that you are fully conscious and aware of your food choices. When you eat mindfully you will reduce the chances of you overeating or binging mindlessly.

You can help yourself when wanting to eat by being aware of the food that you are eating. What kind of nutrients does that does that food contain? Will it help or hinder your weight loss if you know that you shouldn’t be eating this particular food but you want to anyway than you might want to go ahead and eat it. Accept that it wasn’t a good choice on that particular occasion but that was what you needed to eat anyway.

Mindful eating is when you are aware of your food; you are aware of your food and you choose to consciously choose nourishing and health giving foods. Think of your body and what it needs to function at its optimum level. If your body was your car you would take great care of it giving it petrol and keeping it clean on the inside and out. It is only possible to know your body on the outside only, as you are not normally able to see inside your body. If you could see than, you would perhaps be more mindful when choosing which foods to eat. Continue reading

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