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Paleo Burn Is an effective weight loss program designed by Ken Burge. The System is a step by step eBook that follows the successful Paleo Diet also known as the cave man diet. Ken wrote the program after he and his family had lost a substantial amount of weight from following the steps taught in this manuscript. Since the eBook has been made public, it has helped a vast amount of people lose weight and achieve the body they desire. The Paleo Burn System costs $47 and is supplied with a 60 day money back guarantee.

It’s important to you to be in shape and to lose weight. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good? Who doesn’t want to turn heads (for the right reason)? If you’re like most fighting the weight loss battle, you’re probably thinking that you’re a failure in that department since you’ve not been successful at losing the weight. You probably haven’t found the right weight loss program that works best for you yet, and you’ve probably read many Paleo Burn reviews already. There are many weight loss plans and diets out there, which actually makes it harder to avoid the scams and to find the program that will work best for you. Trying a number of different diet plans is very common and can be frustrating when they don’t give you the results that you want, and in the end many of us just give up. Statistically, what works is following a fat loss program that is healthy, gentle and works at your speed. Is the program for you then? Let’s find out with this Paleo Burn Review. Author of The program is Ken Burge. Ken Burge does not have any experience in the weight loss industry, and he is not a “diet guru” of any sort. What he does do however is present a tried and tested diet combined with exercise in an easy to follow format.

What’s Included?

before and after 1The Program covers both essential elements to fat loss: diet and workout. In terms of workouts, Ken demonstrates the exercises in easy to follow diagrams that are, and also includes exercise videos. The program is good for those who do not like feeling the pressure that you might encounter from joining gyms, or having a personal trainer. A home-based training program means no one scrutinizing you and/or bullying you into compliance, nor will you have to stand on weight scales at a diet club in front of others in humble humiliation! Ultimately using forceful methods are not the best way to effect change, and can actually be counter-productive. Not to mention the fact that it’s just plain cheaper to do it at home. 

Both promote healthy, natural, organic foods. It teaches you a well-researched eating plan, details the food program and includes the caveman diet cookbooks (based on the recommended foods).The Program asks you to make small changes to your diet and lifestyle at a pace which you decide. The system doesn’t promise you a quick fat loss, but says that weight loss will occur as your body adapts to a new, healthier lifestyle. When you start the diet, you may experience some feelings of tiredness at first. This is said to happen because you aren’t used to eating some of the healthier food alternatives. Eating these foods is said to release toxins from your body, so by persevering with the diet these feelings of fatigue will soon subside and the benefits of feeling better and healthier will swiftly follow. Some of the foods that are listed in the program are;

  • Lean meats and fish and organic fruits.
  • Lots of choices of vegetables, which are vital to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
  • You will be eliminating sugar (which is actually a poison for your body) and replacing it with natural ways of sweetening your foods, such as honey.
  • Drinks such as organic green teas and water which help to keep the kidneys cleansed and the skin hydrated
  • The program does not require you to take any form of supplements.

Accelerated fat loss is achieved more easily when sugars and carbohydrates and saturated fats in your diets are eliminated from your diet, and the food groups that the diet is based on aim to increase your metabolic rate and further burn fat. It is recommended that alongside the eating plan you adopt the included moderate exercise program. It is not too strenuous at all, and would be suitable for anyone including beginners. Paleo Burn is competitively priced and easily accessible via instant download after purchase.

What Are People Saying About Paleo Burn?

The program has been used by thousands of people so far, it has has received a large number of testimonials from users. For example:

Deena Jordan Roanoke, VA   “ I Love your products – all of them! ( I have ) more energy! Loss of weight feels great!   I am telling everyone I know. The proof is in the pudding – in other words, they can see that I am a lot better, healthier and lost more energy by using Primal Burns. Thanks!”


Jeanette Nelson Beltsville, Maryland  ” I already feel better and sleep better! For me it was effective from day one. I look forward to getting up in the morning and doing my exercises.”


Gail Dearth Edinburgh, TX    “I haven’t been on this program long, but the tips and your exercise video’s that are easy and no brainer to follow.   I have lost five pounds so far in the first two weeks and that is just by using the exercise routines and keeping my carbs under control.   Your Program keeps me interested!”

(Testimonials taken from the company website)

Does the program work?

The program uses a tried and tested recipe for success that can help you lose weight. The methods that are applied in the program are natural and you are not required to take any supplements. The eBook is presented well and clearly explains why the program works. There’s a vast amount of positive testimonials, and after extensively researching the program and feedback we are confident that Paleo Burn does what it says on the label. The program requires dedication, as does any weight loss program; you have to be prepared to follow the program diligently in order to see results. Following the system requires effort on your part; the program will help with motivation and provides all the information you will need, but then the work is down to you.

Where to get Paleo Burn 


home_study_courseThe program is only available for purchase from the official website. It is currently available at a “discounted price” of $47 (the site claims it’s discounted, however Ken has not confirmed if the price will go up anytime soon or not).Paleo Burn is also supplied with a 60 day money back guarantee (tested) – if you do not see results within a 60 day period, you will be given a full refund.

After you have paid for the product, you will get instant access to download the program straight to your computer, the system is in eBook form, and can be copied over onto your E-reader should you have one. Follow our official verified link below to be taken to the merchants website.

Click Here to Visit the Official Paleo Burn Website Safely

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